• About Us

  • Well done you clever people you have wisely made your way to The Tarmac Guru’s website. This is an auspicious moment in the life of anyone, but especially if you are looking for the best driving lessons for yourself or someone else. (If you aren’t, don’t feel too sad I’m sure something awesome will happen to you soon).

    I’m only taking pupils that want to feel and look cool while learning anything about driving safely, that want to express themselves with a wheel in their hand and the wind in their hair. You all have a driver in you and I want to winkle it out with my pin sharp instructor senses. While having fun, being safe and listening to you berate ignorant people beeping because we are to slow on a round-about. That’s ok, we will just take even longer…………………………………
    There’s no need to worry about nerves. With my understanding of them and hypnotherapy training, I’ve got that covered too.

    So if you or someone that you know, would like to become a safe, competent and confident driver, no matter how ‘pants’ you think you might be, you and I will prove that doubter wrong.

    I generally enjoy teaching my students to drive from Sittingbourne to Canterbury and everywhere in between. If you are a bit further away then do not fret and don’t be shy; give me a shout and we can work something out.

    So, you had better get on the blower.