• Reversing in to a Side Road

  • First, make sure the minor road you want to reverse into is suitable. Is it clear? Is there adequate room? Is the major road you are reversing from suitable? How busy is it? What kind of road marking and signs are there?

    Stop about 3 car lengths from the side road you would like to reverse into (about 6 to 18 inches from the kerb, not in a parking position) and secure the car. There will be reference points for the back, front and side for this manoeuvre. Use P-O-M with the lighthouse look, and keep looking to the back and front to make sure the reference points are in the right place and so that you can see any cars and pedestrians you need to stop for. When you approach the point of turn reference, steer full lock to the left keeping the car at a snail’s pace and looking to the right to make sure that when the front of the car swings out in to the road, it is safe and there is nothing to swing in to. Try to keep the same distance from the kerb all the way around the corner and most importantly, keep on your side of the road left of the centre lines. As you start to become parallel with the kerb, look for the straight reversing reference point out of the back window. As it approaches, take some of the steering back toward the right and as the reference point comes in to place, straighten completely and reverse back about 3 car lengths using the reference to keep straight. Keep the same distance from the kerb; again, you don’t want to touch or mount the kerb.