• Teenager Driving

  • Teaching teenagers to learn to drive is probably the job i do most of all - after all on your 17th birthday it's a right of passage to start your driving lessons.

    I really enjoy teaching first time drivers and conquering all their fears and misconseptions that they may have. Some people are just naturals at learning to drive, but some people find it a massive step as they are either filled with nreves or just don't think they are ever going to pick it up.

    Well the good news is that no matter what your ability or pre-conceptions the Tarmac Guru will help you through thick and thin and prepare you to become a confident safe driver in the minimum time possible - I have a fantastic first time pass rate & there is a good reason for that - I like to think i'm the best at what I do, and thankfully my pupils agree with me on that one.

    You can check out what they have to say about me HERE

    Please feel free to call me or message me with any questions you might have.