• Cockpit Drill

  • Doors: Check doors are closed by looking in the wing mirror to ensure that the join between the door and rear wing is level. Also, moving the door with the arm furthest away from the door will allow you to check if the door moves.

    Seat: Adjust the seat so that all the controls are within reach. Hold the steering wheel (which can also be adjusted) with both hands and adjust the seat so that when you hold the steering wheel you have a slight bend at your elbows. This can be done with both the back and forward movement of the seat and the rake, which is the back of the seat reclining to sit straight or more laid back. Put your left foot on the left pedal (the clutch) and push all the way to the stop point and adjust your seat so you have a slight bend at your knee, which is done by moving the seat backwards of forwards. Adjust head rest so the top of it is just below the top of your head, this is to stop neck trauma in the event of an accident.

    Mirrors: Adjust the interior mirror so that you can see out of the rear window very slightly to the right. You should see the top of your left ear and whatever is behind the car. Use your thumb and fore finger on the plastic on either side of the mirror to adjust it (you don’t want grease marks on the glass) while sitting back in the seat so that you know you have a driving view and not one you can only see if leaning forward.  Wing mirrors are set so that you can see a small amount of the car in the part of the mirror nearest the car and the horizon through the centre of the mirror from right to left or left to right. If there is something like a wall behind then this may make it difficult to get the right position of the horizon, so you can adjust them again if you need to. The wing mirrors are convex, thus giving a wider field of vision and this makes things look smaller and further away. The interior mirror is flat so it gives a real impression of size and distance.

    Seatbelt: Make sure your seatbelt is fastened properly by giving it a pull and making sure it is not twisted as in an accident that twist can turn in to a blade on your chest; you must make sure it is flat. Always hold the buckle of the seatbelt; if it hits you or the window it can cause damage.

    Fuel: Check you have enough fuel for your journey; you don’t want to run out.