• Driving Procedures

  • Here are some reminders to help refresh your memory on lessons.

    Key Points (moving off and stopping):

    P= bite point, O=blind spots and mirrors (which side of the car do you start the observations?) and M= letting the handbrake off to move (when and what signal do you need?). As you’re observing, keep your hand on the hand-brake to release after the last blind-spot check, because you need to let it off as soon as it is safe to move. Remember, a lot can change in a few seconds on the road.

    Steer quarter turn to the right, half turn back to the left and then straight to find your normal road position about a meter from the kerb. Remember the reference point given to keep the right distance from the kerb.


    M-S-M = Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre.
    Check mirrors, remembering which ones and if you need a signal. Steer towards the kerb and use the reference point given for parking position, making sure you park in a Safe, Convenient And Legal Position (S.C.A.L.P). Cover the brake and clutch, brake to slow and clutch down and brake to stop. To secure the car pull up the hand brake first and then put the gear-stick in to the neutral position.