• There are three types of driver we need to anticipate and drive defensively round. There are those that don’t care those that don’t know how to drive and those like most of us that just make the odd mistake. Anticipation, forward planning and defensive driving will help to avoid most dangerous situations when employed properly and these techniques are taught when learning to drive. I will not take anyone for their test until these elements of driving are confidently understood and executed; you just will not be safe without them. An accident doesn’t ask who caused the incident before its momentum decides who pays with its effects. Driving recklessly  once may have no consequences leaving you feeling it was ok to do again, but it’s just the one time when something happens you don’t expect that could change the rest of yours or someone else’s life.

    Whoever we are we as full licence holders all have a responsibility to show the younger drivers we invest so much in that driving safely is the only way. Every time a young person sees you on the phone or driving too fast or doing something that is below the level of standard expected for safe driving your example adds to an attitude that is like lighting a touch paper. We all have to share the roads and so do those that we hold dearest. So be the driver you want to meet coming from the other direction. Leave your stress where it belongs. If we all try this the roads will be better for all. I could always be a better driver no matter how good I think I am. When I stop thinking that, I have no more need to improve. When was the last time you met anyone that had nothing left to learn?

    I hope you the reader have taken something positive from reading what I feel is a very important subject. Learning to drive will be one of the best things you will ever do and it keeps on giving all the way through life. Please try to respect the responsibility that comes with it. Ignore how others drive as only you will live with the consequences of your actions from being behind the wheel, if you can do that then you will always enjoy the freedom and fun given as a reward of being a better person behind the wheel and I dare say in life.

    Beneath are some handy tips on what to look for when choosing a driving instructor. if you go to Thetarmacguru.co.uk you will find a whole load, more information should you need it, or you could just give me a call. Happy driving.

    Any A.D.I. (Approved Driving Instructor) must be displaying a pink or green A.D.I. licence, which holds a passport sized photo of them. These should be found on the bottom left of the windscreen. This means they have been vetted by the D.S.A. and have had an enhanced C.R.B.( Criminal Records Bureau) check. This vetting is to keep you safe. A green license means that the A.D.I. has passed all three of their qualification exams, a pink license means they are training for the last teaching ability exam. This is not to say they should be avoided, I had a 100% pass rate on the pink licence with 5 out of 5 while I was training, before qualifying.

    It is very important to find the instructor that is right for you. You have to spend a lot of time with your instructor and whether your lessons are going well or not your instructor needs to be patient and professional at all times, giving clear and constructive information and advice. There can be a big difference in how fast you learn depending on how confident you feel with your instructor. You should never be shouted at; however a louder stronger tone to emphasize an important point may sometimes be used if appropriate. You should never be called names, feel disrespected or uncomfortable with your instructor’s perception of any aspect of your person, appearance, beliefs or gender.

    Your A.D.I should turn up when and where agreed and finish when and where agreed. You should agree your lesson time/price and this should be stuck to where possible by both of you, we are all late from time to time but this should not cost you if it is your instructor’s fault. I might have a lesson straight after so would add time to the next one. If you are late you should expect the lesson to end normal time. If you’re not happy with any aspect of your lessons don’t be afraid to discuss this with your instructor. If this doesn’t resolve your concerns get advice from another instructor.