• Controls

  • Foot-controls: Accelerator, or gas, is for acceleration and controlling the engine revs which will help control the speed.

    Foot Brake is for slowing down and stopping the car.

    Clutch is for moving off, changing gear, slow control, and engine braking. 
The foot controls are found under the steering wheel, near the floor in the foot-well. They are in order of right to left. To help you remember think ABC. They should be used with your heel on the floor for greater control, although it is difficult to operate the clutch with your heel on the floor if you have small feet. Your left foot will only operate the clutch and your right foot will operate gas and brake, as you will never need them both at the same time. In an automatic car you would use your right foot only.

    Gears: My car has 6 gears, as you can see from the image above most have 5. The odd gears 1st, 3rd and 5th are found if you push the gears stick forward and 2nd, 4th and 6th are found if you pull the gear stick back. 1st and 2nd are on the far left; use the palm of your hand facing away from you to push the gear stick forward and up or down. 3rd and 4th are in the middle and are found forward or backward of the neutral gear. So if the car is not in gear and you push the stick up or down you will be in 3rd or 4th. 5th and 6th are the gears nearest to you, so with your palm facing toward you on the gearstick, pull it toward you and move the stick up or down to select the gear. Your hand position is important as you don’t want to look at the gears when moving so by facing your hand away from you, you know that you’re pushing it toward 1st and 2nd and so on. 1st gear is for moving off, 2nd and 3rd are working gears for around town and built up areas. 4th and 5th are for lower speed limit (40 or 50mph) roads also known as cruising gear. 6th is a dual-carriageway and motorway gear also for cruising. There is also a reverse gear which is over to the far left and up. When the car is put in the reverse gear, a white light will come on at the back of the car to let others know that you’re in reverse gear. This also helps to see behind you in the dark when reversing.

    Steering Wheel: Remember 2-10 steering technique: if you can’t get round a corner using it then you’re going too fast. Most cars have airbags in the centre; this means if someone hits your car and you are crossing your arms over the centre of the steering wheel your arm will hit your forehead at the speed of an explosion. This is very dangerous.