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  • Learning To Drive Part 3

    There are three types of driver we need to anticipate and drive defensively round. There are those that don’t care those that don’t know how to drive and those like most of us that just make the odd mistake. Anticipation, forward planning and defensive driving will help to avoid most dangerous situations when employed properly and these techniques are taught when learning to drive. I will not[...]

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    Learning To Drive Part 2

    Decisions in relation to driving do not appear to be rewarding, in so much as doing the right thing on the road will keep you safe with only the reward of getting from A to B without incident. I spend a lot of my time when teaching people to drive highlighting the possible consequences of tacking risks or not paying attention, to name but a few. Let us think for a second about the choices that [...]

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    Learning To Drive Part 1

    Learning to drive is a rite of passage in our culture and people of all ages, ethnicity and gender are going through the highs and lows of learning to control a car alongside understanding the rules of our busy roads. Those that do not yet drive, or are not learning to do so see other people driving all the time either from a passenger seat or as we are driven passed in the street, which can leave[...]

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