• Turn in the Road

  • Is there camber or is your road on a hill?
    Make sure that it is an appropriate place to carry out this manoeuvre. Pull up to a parking position and secure the car, select 1st gear and use the same procedure as moving off (P-O-M). Move the car at a snail’s pace, and turn the wheel as fast as you can to the right lock. Remember; slow car, fast hands. As you approach the reference point steer a half of a turn to the left and secure the car; you will need to secure the car between each gear change, once the car is secure think about the next part of the manoeuvre, do this with each part. The next part is reversing back to the opposite kerb. Find the reverse gear and use P-O-M (you can remove your seatbelt to reverse if it helps). The observation for reversing is called the ‘lighthouse look’, as you need to look out of all the windows until you are looking out of the back. When reversing, look out of the back window when you start and stop moving. If it is clear, move the back toward the kerb behind you at a snail’s pace turning full lock to the left. As you approach the reference point, steer a half of a turn to the right, stop and then secure the car. At this point you should be able to P-O-M and drive in the opposite direction to which you started. If there is still not enough room repeat the aforementioned manoeuvre until there is. Do not touch the kerb. If there is any other traffic on the road or you are moving toward a pedestrian on the path, stop and wait until they have passed until it is safe to continue. Another vehicle may wait, or pass by if there is room which means you need to be looking around all of the time. Wait and stop until you know what they are going to do.